Everything you ever wanted to know about Agile...

Trainings, workshops and consultancy for Agile project management. Scrum mastery, personal and team coaching and much more.

Small, middle, large? Does not matter the size of your company. If you want to leverage Agile and its many benefits I can help you educate your employees, coach key managers or guide the whole teams if necessary. I will show you how to be more effective, deliver in high quality and make your teams work together. We can also improve your delivery and make your customers really happy with your work.

If you are new to Agile I can not only provide a guidance, but also get my hands dirty - show you and your teams how its done so you can take off even faster. Scrum and Kanban mastery are my roots so don't hesitate to ask.

Or are you jut trying to find the right way through the Agile jungle? Scrum, Kanban, XP... I can help you find the best one for your teams and company.

Agility is not only about processes, trainings and management. It's about team culture, spirit and mindset. Long term effects are my goal so I will check up on you very often ;)

  • Trainings and workshops

    I organize workshops for both individuals longing for knowledge an whole teams wanting to get their skills up. You can learn:

    •    - Basics of agile
    •    - Scrum and how to sprint
    •    - Facilitation skills
    •    - Scrum Mastery

    Can't find the right training for you?
    Dont be afraid to ask!

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  • Agile coaching and ScrumMastery

    • Are your teams struggeling?
    • Do your Scrum masters waver in their resolve?
    • Or do they just need to sharpen their skills?
    • Do you need an experienced Scrum Master to show you the way?
    Don't be afraid to ask!

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Scrum will not solve your problems. It will however make them painfully visible so you can't avoid them anymore. ;-).

If you are interested in my full CV you can always review my Linkedin profile or download a .pdf

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